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Tour Preparation

All travelers are advised early on of the physical ability required to participate in the various activities offered on a tour, as well as the alternatives for times when one option may include a strenuous activity.  Everyone is advised of the types of clothing that will be best suited to the conditions or program.  As our dress code is casual and comfortable with a daypack to carry layers, we are usually prepared for most travel situations.  We do have a few "dress up" dinners and occasions, so a clothing upgrade is helpful to have along. 

A list of documents and travel items required or suggested is provided before each tour.  A passport, for instance, must be valid for six months after the date your tour ends.  Individual visas are processed by Kim's World Travel, when needed.  Travel insurance is recommended, and sometimes required, to ensure safety and medical care.  


We encourage questions of any nature at any time.  Dwight and Mary are willing to go into detail on any aspect of a tour.  Peace of mind and knowledge of what to expect are key to a successful journey. 

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