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When Dwight and Mary married in 1996, they delighted in finding many ways they could share interests and complementary talents.  In travel they bring out the best of both and offer a wide range of backgrounds that provide travelers with a solid foundation for educational exchange, interesting experiences to share, and resources to respond to special requests.

Dwight Deal, PhD and Mary Fletcher Deal, MA have enjoyed professional careers outside travel. Dwight in geology that included university teaching, environmental geology, mining and hydrology, including a time searching for water for the Sultan of Oman.  He also led a multi-discipline team over six years to study selected natural areas in Texas with the result that some areas have now been set aside in the public domain.  Dwight has spent much of his life in the outdoors, mountaineering, cave exploring, skiing, and running white-water rivers.  He has studied and explored major caves throughout North America and spent a month exploring Chinese karst  in 1993.

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Mary studied English Literature in New England where her Yankee roots fostered her hardy nature.  With an emphasis on English Renaissance Literature, she enjoyed a teaching fellowship at the University of Denver before transferring from academia to healthcare where she has directed continuing medical education programs.  The organization of an international symposium led her to China in 1981 and, ultimately, to her avocation of developing tours.  Nancy Jacobsen, friend and noted needlework designer, joined Mary on the '81 trip.  The next year they combined their talents to produce the first Needleworker's Tour to China.  Mary continued on her own when Nancy moved from Denver and Mary's charter group asked her to take them on more trips.  Mary knows how to connect her travelers with experts and local craftsmen who are producing exceptional work in fiber arts in various corners of the world.  Her focus is on individual interests and group dynamics.  Her organizational talent ensures that details are attended to and timelines are met to produce a smooth operation throughout the tour.

Read more about Mary's background.


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