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Global Exchanges

We find ways to integrate travelers and local experts.  For karst trips, professors and researchers at karst institutes and universities introduce travelers to their work.  They take us to some fascinating sites, often special places not known to the casual traveler, that illustrate the natural history of the areas we visit.

For textile enthusiasts there are special sites that reveal the step-by-step process of silk production or material design and development.  Experts from silkworm research to costume design meet with our travelers on tours that focus on the fiber arts. Visiting with these experts has proved to be of interest not just to spinners and weavers but to all!  And engineers in the group find themselves deep into the study of looms.  One traveler even went home and built his own loom!

Remote villages are sought for indigenous designs and local hand production.  Modern methods are also observed in mechanized factories and production sites.  Museums present the historical perspective through visual displays.  Group members share amongst themselves various methods and techniques they have learned.

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