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SW China Karst

See the itinerary for the 2010 trip.

Dwight and Mary Deal, Focused Tours and Kim’s World Travel

We will travel for 15 nights (16 days) after the first week in October (the National “Golden Week” holiday in China) and return to the USA before the Geological Society of America meetings.

We will enter China through Hong Kong, then to Guilin for local karst and caves, visiting developed and, if possible, wild caves.  The Institute of Karst Geology will be a special visit.  A day's trip down the Li River takes us through the heart of the most spectacular of Chinese tower karst to Yangshuo.  Here we will spend most of our karst days.  Yangshuo is in an intimate setting, closely surrounded by karst towers.  We will see classic examples of foot caves in the karst towers and study the hydrology, surface geomorphology, and underground drainages of a major river cave.

We will spend the last 4 days in the Tiankeng area in and around Wulong Karst National Park near Wulong and in Chongqing.  Wulong is located SE of Chongqing (south of the Yangtze Gorges) near the San Qiao natural bridges and the Tianxing and Houping caving areas.

Dwight has prepared a field trip guidebook that discusses the karst, Chinese karst terminology, and hydrology in non-technical terms, and local culture.

What IS Karst?

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