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Quality and Harmony

Quality Times

Our goal is to provide quality times that are based in the sharing of cultures, heritage, and natural history of our world.  We believe, through repeated good relationships, that people with similar interests and pursuit of knowledge will find stimulating conversations, new ideas and fresh perspectives to enrich their lives. 

Overall, the technical details are veneered with the richness of local culture, history, and the daily lives of local people. No special background is needed for travelers to have a thoroughly enjoyable travel experience.  There is no final exam!


Our leadership and example provide travelers a model to follow in their personal exploration and discovery. We respect one another, listen to others, consider special requests that depart from the itinerary, and encourage levity and learning at all times.  In short, we have fun!  Friendships typically carry on after a trip ends; some groups have held reunions and suggest future trips for us to plan.


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